TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses

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TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses conform to your body unlike any other, giving you an incomparable night’s sleep. No more tossing and turning in an attempt to find a comfortable position; your movements will not disturb your sleep partner. The famous TEMPUR material adjusts to your body temperature to give a fabulously relaxing sleep, as well as being allergen and dust mite resistant. There is never a need to flip the mattresses; they always return to their original shape. All styles align your spine and have breath ability and optimal airflow. There are three collections with specific features designed to give the maximum fit for all body types.

The TEMPUR-Cloud Collection of Mattresses by TEMPUR-Pedic

TEMPUR-Cloud Collection

The TEMPUR-Cloud mattresses are pillow-soft, but still retain the all-important responsive support. TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme has a deep layer of soft material in a soft mattress with medium conformability. It is super-deep and extra soft to cradle you in a pillow-soft embrace. TEMPUR-Cloud is like sleeping on cotton clouds but still have all the support your body needs to align your spine perfectly. It feels medium-soft with medium conformity. TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe is the ultimate in softness and support all rolled into one amazing mattress. It hugs your body for an extravagant, tailored fit and is unlike any other with a super-soft feel and medium conformity.

The TEMPUR-HD Collection of Mattresses by TEMPUR-Pedic

TEMPUR-HD Collection

The Tempur-HD collection has more cells over the surface to give higher relief to pressure points. The Grand Bed pampers your body in quilted dual comfort to give cushiony softness while still providing support. This model has a silk-blend cover that is not removable. The Allura Bed is the one for those who say you cannot have it all. It has a quilted pillow-top layer, excellent conforming support, and an awesome, breathable silk/bamboo cover that is spot-cleanable. It has a medium feel and adapts to your body for a perfect custom fit. The Rhapsody Bed combines style and comfort that conforms and supports your body in a medium-firm mattress.

The TEMPUR-Contour Collection of Mattresses by TEMPUR-Pedic

TEMPUR-Contour Collection

The Original Bed is perfect for children and teens. It naturally conforms to growing bodies to provide a great start to every day. The TEMPUR-Contour is a firm mattress that lightly contours to your body for complete relaxation and a satisfying deep sleep. The TEMPUR-Contour Select gently conforms to your body for personalized comfort and relief from pressure points for a deep slumber. Lastly, in the TEMPUR-Contour collection is the TEMPUR-Contour Signature. This mattress is a perfect balance of support and comfort promoting proper alignment and truly restful sleep with a thick TEMPUR comfort layer.

Ergo Adjustable Base Systems by TEMPUR-Pedic

TEMPUR-Ergo Collection

An Ergo Adjustable Base from TEMPUR-pedic will give you the bed you’ll never want to get out of. Each Ergo adjustable base comes with virtually infinite ranges of mattress positions, and some even have luxurious head and foot massage features with wireless remotes. These adjustable bases will put your body in the best ergonomic position whether you’re sleeping, reading in bed or just watching TV. This collection has three options to choose from. The first is the Ergo Adjustable Base, the next is the Advanced Ergo Adjustable Base and lastly is the Grand Ergo Adjustable Base. Follow the links to learn more about that particular adjustable base you’re interested in and turn your bedroom into your sanctuary.