An Organic Bed – A Whole New Way to Go Green

An Organic Bed - A whole new way to Go Green

The smart, eco-conscious consumer goes to great lengths to practice recycling in all areas of her life. She reuses her wrapping paper when she can. She recycles her plastic and paper products. She takes an old item and turns it in to something new and useful again. It makes good sense to conserve and recycle. The one place that many people do not even stop to consider a perfect place to recycle is in their bedroom. This is a great place to think about “going green”  and it is not too hard to … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your College Students Should Go Back to School with an Organic Mattress

100% organic stamp

It's that time of year, once again, when your college students go back to their dorm rooms for another school year. The question is...what are they sleeping on? With all the crazy things floating around in the dorms wouldn't it be comforting to know that your student is getting a superior nights sleep? Moreover, a superior nights sleep on a mattress that's free from all the chemicals found in traditional mattresses? If you answered yes, you'll be happy to know that Urban Sleep Store can help. In … [Read more...]

Throw Out Your Conventional Mattresses for One of These and Eliminate Toxic Exposure in One Third of Your Life

Recycle your conventional mattress for an organic mattress

When most of us think about air pollution we don't think "indoors" we think "outdoors" and we certainly don't think that our mattress has any bearing on it. The fact is, conventional mattresses are a major contributor of toxic air pollution both in our homes and our environment but there are virtually no regulations these mattress manufacturers have to adhere to when it comes to chemical usage. In this article, we're going to discuss the "regulation gap" found by well known environmental health … [Read more...]

Organic Mattress Shoppers Beware – 9 Potentially Dangerous Terms

It's not an organic mattress without meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard

Are you shopping for an organic mattress? Are you overwhelmed with all the terms and phrases used to market the purity of a manufacturers mattress like "green" "natural" and "Eco-friendly"? If so, it's likely you've fallen victim to "green-washing". In this article, we will talk about what green-washing is and how to safeguard your family against it by learning 9 potentially dangerous words and phrases used in green-washing mattress campaigns. Green-washing is a term used to indicated that … [Read more...]

Organic Mattresses vs. Latex Mattresses

Organic Mattresses vs. latex Mattresses

Trying to decide whether to purchase organic mattresses vs. latex mattresses may be challenging (particularly when the variations are unclear). There is an excess of information on the internet about the differences, which could take countless hours to sift through. We've taking a moment to compare these products to aid you in the decision making process. Use this as a guide to understanding the differences without enduring all the endless web pages. Organic Mattresses vs. Latex … [Read more...]