A Closer Look at the Conventional Mattress – What Are You Sleeping On?

Do Not Remove Label from a Conventional Mattress

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Your Conventional Mattress is a Significant Source for Toxic Exposure

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and most of us sleep on a conventional mattress. Our bodies need time to recover from the exposure to pollutants we are bombarded with throughout the day. The constant exposure to things like germs and toxins from food, cosmetics, our work environment and household products are having a tole on our immune systems.

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Everyone knows that exposure to toxins and pollutants can cause health problems but what many don’t know is that the bedroom is one of the most significant sources. Long term exposure to everything from the chemicals in paint to books and from clothing to wifi equipment all pose health risks to humans but the biggest culprit, by far, is your conventional mattress.

Chemicals disrupt our sleep patterns and adversely affect our health. Your conventional mattress is constantly emitting gases from the toxins used to create them, yet every night we strip down and wear next to nothing to prepare for, what we thought was, a restful and recovering nights sleep.

Even if the gases from things like poly-urethane foams, boric acid and antimicrobial additives stopped emitting gas at some point (which they most like don’t), we’d still have to deal with the fact that the conventional mattress is the perfect habitat for dust mites an other allergens who’s fecal matter is the number-one cause of asthmatic attacks.

But the Little White Label State What’s in a Conventional Mattress!

You may be thinking this is all hype and it’s just a ploy to get you to buy an organic mattress free from all this mess. Your reasoning may be that some regulatory governmental agency is protecting us from anything like this from happening. This sad truth is that, as a consumer, you are being prevented from making an informed decision about the ingredients in your mattress.

Manufacturers have lobbied congress to prevent them from having to list the ingredients of their mattress products. They only have to list the products like poly-urethane foam which you can find on the little white “don not remove” labels attached to conventional mattresses.

If they listed the ingredients you’d find out that TDI (a standard component of most conventional mattresses) is a recognized carcinogen for humans that causes health conditions like respiratory problems. Moreover, you’d find that vinyl chloride monomers are also a know carcinogen to humans that are linked to liver damage, blood disorders and breathing problems. Let’s not leave out boric acid, that good ol’ roach killer, that chronic exposure to has been linked to reproductive, liver and kidney problems. None of these ingredients will be found on that little white label attached to the mattress but nonetheless, long-term exposure poses serious health risks.

The Affects of Chemical Exposure in a Conventional Mattress

Each of us exposed to these chemical may be affected in various ways. Some may just get poor quality of sleep (which will affect your health long-term) while some may encounter more serious health risks and life threatening illnesses. The problem is that you rarely know until it’s too late.

Doctors and health practitioners would all agree that sleep is a huge factor in determining our level of good health throughout our lives. However, today’s conventional mattress do little in the way of promoting a healthy nights sleep. In fact, conventional mattresses (aside from being comfortable) may be very detrimental to our health.

Take our children for example. There was a time when the safest place for a child was home in their bed where their dreams were wrapped in natural wool. Now their beds and lives have changed. “From the minute the are born they already have over 200 chemicals running through their veins.” [A Wake up Story, Healthy Child Healthy World]

Short Term vs. Long Term Exposure to Chemicals in a Conventional Mattress

Our world has certainly become more complicated and so have conventional mattresses. Some would argue that the chemicals in conventional mattresses have no ill affects on humans. While it’s true that short term exposure to a single chemical may not be detrimental to health, it’s the long-term repeated exposure to the toxic soup of chemicals found in conventional mattresses that cause these health problems and therefor should concern you greatly.

If these chemicals weren’t bad for you, why wouldn’t conventional mattresses come with a sheet listing all the ingredients used to produce them? There’s only one answer and all of us, whether we want to admit it or not, know what the answer is. Please take this information seriously and try to work toward reduce your toxic exposure to chemicals found in your home and in your conventional mattress.

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